Bartu Kurtulus

Analysis of Mechanism

ME 301


ME 301

Theory of Machines (ME301) is a compulsory course given to 3rd year Mechanical Engineering students at the Middle East Technical University. To put it briefly, it can be called a course in which mechanisms are analyzed. This analysis is divided into two: kinematics and force analysis. While position, velocity and acceleration are examined in kinematic analysis, there are two parts in force analysis: dynamic and static situation analysis. This entire process is necessary to understand the movement of the mechanism, so I can say that the course progresses holistically. Our aim in this project is to prepare a program that can perform these analyzes for the selected mechanism.


Determining how many equations to write by finding the DOF and Loop number of the mechanism. Writing as many Loop Closure Equations as needed

Obtaining velocity and acceleration closure equations from loop closure equation.

Deriving equations by preparing free body diagrams of the elements of the mechanism.

By transferring the equations to Matlab, graphing the output changes according to variable input values.


With this project, we repeat almost all the concepts we saw throughout the period. We also see how a process that normally takes only minutes to calculate a single calculation can be made easier with the help of a computer to obtain results for all values that the input can take. In this way, we obtain comprehensive information about the behavior of our mechanism. The force analysis we have made can later be used to determine critical positions for structural analysis. This project consists of two stages and is spread out over the period. In the first stage, only location analysis was performed. In the second stage, kinematic and kinetic analysis was carried out completely. However, since the second stage coincided with the final week, only the coding part was emphasized. The report of both phases is given below.