Bartu Kurtulus

UAV Design

ME 117


About Project

ME 117 is a computer-aided engineering drawing course given to first-year mechanical engineering students at Middle East Technical University. In this lesson, 3-D modelling is demonstrated on the Siemens NX program. Assignments and exams are given throughout the semester. There is also a project to be done at the end of the semester. This project is carried out by 2 randomly matched people, with a certain limit of parts to be drawn per person for a selected mechanism. In my case, because my project friend dropped out of the course, I had to do it alone. In this project, the unmanned aerial vehicle was designed. It should not be forgotten that this UAV has only been tried to simulate visually and mechanically. The dimensions are given without any calculations and are intended to demonstrate modelling skills. The dimensions of the parts drawn in the project are given on the last page.


Determining the subject of the design to be made

Reference screening for UAV design and basic research on flight mechanics. Determining the elements that need to be drawn

Starting from the most basic element among the planned elements and starting 3-D modeling.

Studying with video tutorials and documents on the missing topics in the necessary sections.

Assembling separate parts and making final revisions to part models

Completion of rendering, animation and drawing documents required for the presentation


Thanks to this project, I was able to reinforce and build on the 3-D modeling I had seen throughout the semester. Although I briefly talked about the progress of the project in the project steps, there were actually stages during which I experienced difficulties. First of all, although the swept command was shown in the course, I had to go into more detail about this function due to the complex structure of the main body in my UAV model. That’s why I couldn’t progress for a while and got stuck in the main body. My inability to make progress on the project and being a group on my own made me feel demoralized. I experienced many difficulties like this during the project process, but I think the final model was worth all these efforts. You can access the animation and drawing documents from the links below. I hope it will be useful.