Bartu Kurtulus

Water Lifting Device

ME 110


ME 110

ME 110 is an introduction to mechanical engineering course given to first year mechanical engineering students at Middle East Technical University. The aim of this course is to first introduce the main areas that mechanical engineers can. Apart from this, it is a course focused more on soft skills such as project management and report preparation. Various assignments, exams and a term project are held during the semester. Each of the assignments, 4 in total, addresses one of the skills I listed above. The term project is done by 2 people. My responsibility in the project was to prepare, explain and evaluate concept designs.

Purpose of Project

For this project in particular, it can be a little more difficult to understand exactly what we’re doing. For this reason, I felt the need to talk about the purpose of this project. This project aims to implement the skills I mentioned before. Evaluating the project, making time planning, creating concepts, evaluating the designs and reporting them are the achievements that need to be achieved in this project. When evaluating, take into account what the purpose of the project and whether any prior engineering knowledge.


Division of work and time planning with team members for the project

Determining project requirements by examining the given problem and defining numerical criteria for each requirement

Starting to create 3 possible concept designs, taking into account the criteria of the project.

Determining the tools that can be used and completing the designs by doing research on the internet in the difficult stages of the design.

Determining the priority stages of the determined criteria, evaluating the concept designs accordingly and selecting the design to be put into production.


With this project, we gained knowledge about the processes of implementing a design and reinforced it by applying what we learned in class throughout the semester. The biggest problem we experienced in this project occurred while creating concept designs, in fact, we can say that this was partly the reason why that part of the project was left to me. After completing first design, I had a hard time creating a new one, so we can say that all the designs resemble each other. I determined my main goal in creating a new design as creating a difference from each other in terms of working mechanics. Now, looking back after about 4 years, I can say that the designs are quite below my standards, but this project has contributed a lot to me in terms of learning to prepare report.